Lesson 9 安全 Safety

學習目標 Learning Objectives

  1. 學會用粵拼打出和安全有關的詞語。
    Learning to type words related to safety in Jyutping.
  2. 學習韻母aakang 的組合和常見單字、詞語。
    Learn common characters and words with the rhymes aak and ang.

重點詞語 Key Vocabulary

安全手冊on1 cyun4 sau2 caak3 負責fu6 zaak3 檢查gim2 caa4 電器din6 hei3 電燈din6 dang1 dang1 拍打paak3 daa2 paak1 拆除caak3 ceoi4 caak3 崩塌bang1 taap3 格子gaak3 zi2 haak3 幸好hang6 hou2 waak6 明白ming4 baak6 賊人caak6 jan4

語音簡介 Phonetics Overview

簡介 Introduction

今次學習的 2 個韻母是:aakang
We will learn 2 rhymes: aak, ang.

韻母 Rhyme


下面是有 aak 韻母的字。讀音是一個長 aa 然後再加上一個 k
The following words contain the rhyme aak. It is made by first producing a long aa sound and then closing with an k sound.


下面是有 ang 韻母的字。讀音是一個很短的 a 然後再加上一個 ng
The following words contain the rhyme ang. It is made by first producing a very short a sound and then closing with an ng sound.

語文知識 Language Knowledge

簡介 Introduction

嘗試在筆記欄打出 baak,然後找出幾個例字。
Try typing baak in the notes column, then pick a few characters from the list to output.
Do these characters have anything in common?

聲旁介紹 Phonetic Components Overview

We can sometimes guess the sound of a character from its parts. In this case, the following characters with the sound component「白」are pronounced baak.

部首介紹 Radical Overview


The radical of a character has a meaningful categorizing function. The radical “火” is related to the meaning of fire.

詞彙練習 Vocabulary Exercise

看圖填充 Fill-in-the-blanks

填充題1(看圖填充): 老師可以: 1)展示圖片「水電工人的工作」 2)教導學生提示的粵拼代表甚麼漢字:提醒學生用Typeduck的英語字義翻譯尋找正確漢字 (答案:負責、檢查、電燈、拆、電器) 3)由老師帶領完成完成填充題
Fill-in-the-blank question 1 (based on the image): Here are some suggested activity steps: 1) Show the picture “Work of a Plumber/Electrician”. 2)Teach students the meanings represented by the given Jyutping: Remind students to use Typeduck’s English translations to find the correct Chinese characters (Answers: 負責、檢查、電燈、拆、電器). 3) Guide the students to complete the fill-in-the-blank questions.

Using the hints and the provided image as a guide, complete the fill-in-the-blank questions using TypeDuck.

  1. 「水電工人的工作」
    “Plumber and electrician job”
    be responsible of
    electric light
    electrical appliances
    提示 Hints:caak、gimcaa、fuzaak、dinhei、dindang

填充 Fill-in-the-blanks

填充題2(短文) 老師可以: 1)朗讀文章一次(除了答案位置) 2)教導學生提示的粵拼代表甚麼漢字:提醒學生用Typeduck的英語字義翻譯尋找正確漢字 (答案:拆、拍打、燈;啪、格子、嚇;幸好、或、明白、負責) 3)讓學生自行完成填充題
Fill-in-the-blank question 2 (Short passage): Here are some suggested activity steps: 1) Read the passage once (excluding the answer positions). 2) Teach students the meanings represented by the given Jyutping: Remind students to use Typeduck’s English translations to find the correct Chinese characters (Answers: 拆、拍打、燈;啪、格子、嚇;幸好、或、明白、負責). 3) Allow students to complete the fill-in-the-blank questions on their own.

根據提示,使用 TypeDuck 輸入中文詞語,完成填充題。
Using the hints, complete the fill-in-the-blank questions using TypeDuck.

  1. 媽媽説用不了電視,我便把電視
    take apart
    提示 Hints: dang、paakdaa、caak
  2. 突然,電視「
    snapping sound
    提示 Hints: paak、haak、gaakzi
  3. luckliy
    be responsible for
    提示 Hints:fuzaak、mingbaak、waak、hanghou

選擇題 Multiple Choice Question

MC選項題 老師可以: 1)簡略介紹問題 2)讓學生自己自行嘗試用TypeDuck找出可選擇的粵拼的漢字,並完成題目 3)在對答案時和學生確認他們自行找出的漢字正確 老師可以憑學生的正確率去評估學生進度。 (提示:安全手冊、拆除、崩塌、賊人;答案:拆除、崩塌)
Multiple-choice questions Here are some suggested activity steps: 1) Provide a brief introduction to the task. 2) Let students independently use TypeDuck to find the available Jyutping and corresponding Chinese characters, and complete the exercise. 3) When checking the answers, confirm with the students whether the Chinese characters they found on their own are correct. The teacher can assess the students’ progress based on their accuracy. (Hints: 安全手冊、拆除、崩塌、賊人;Answer: 拆除、崩塌)
Circle all verbs.

語音練習 Phonetics Exercise

找不同 Spot the Difference

One word in each line has a different rhyme from the others. Paying extra attention to the way your mouth moves, circle the words that are different from the rest, and write down the common rhyme.

填色遊戲 Colouring Game

Answer: light(燈 dang)

玩法:點擊格子數次可以改變顏色。 請按字的韻母和顏色指示,為以下方格填上顏色。
Colour the characters based on their rhyme and the instructions below (Hint: clicking the grid few times can change its colour).
An image will emerge after you are done colouring. Can you guess what the image is? Type your answer in the circle!

打字練習 Typing Exercise

Suggested activity steps: teachers can read out the words/sentences for typing practice while working together with the students to complete the typing exercises.

主要按鍵練習 Main Keys Practice

Type the following words in order using TypeDuck. Correctly typed words will turn black, and incorrectly typed words will be crossed out with a red line.

  1. 安全手冊 負責 檢查 電器 電燈 燈 拍打 啪
  2. 拆除 拆 崩塌 格子 嚇 幸好 或 明白 賊人
  3. 伯伯 白天 朋友 生日 拍照 手冊 克服 客人 吃飯
  4. 分隔 立刻 測試 清拆 計劃 責任感 住宅 選擇 適當
  5. 曾經 燈泡 登記 等待 更改 肯定 行李 行為 幸運 爭取

短句練習 Short Sentence Practice

Use TypeDuck to type the following sentences and record the total time required.

  1. 電視的燈亮了。
  2. 我嚇了一跳。
  3. 我很幸運。
  4. 你很有責任感。
  5. 和伯伯吃生日飯。

擴張句子 Sentence Builder Practice

In this exercise, you will gradually expand a sentence.
1. 在第一行輸入綠色框中的單字。
Type the word in the green box on the first line.
2. 在第二行,輸入第一行綠色框中的單字,然後接着輸入第二行綠色框中的單字。
On the second line, type the word in the green box from the first line, followed by the word in the green box on the second line.
3. 依此類推,直到最後一行。
Continue this process until you reach the last line.


主題詞庫 Vocabulary Bank

Teacher asks the students what vowel sounds they have learned in this lesson.
Here are some suggested summary points: Students will have learned…
1. 認識了韻母aakang
1) the rhymes aak and ang.
2. 認識韻母聲旁——baak(白)
2) the sound component(s)s baak (白).
3. 認識部首——火
3) the radical 火.
4. 認識與安全有關的詞彙
4) vocabulary items related to safety.

以下是與安全相關的常用詞彙。使用 TypeDuck 輸入這些詞彙,並找出它們的意思!
Here are some common words related to Safety. Use TypeDuck to type out these words and discover their meanings!
小心siu2 sam1 安全on1 cyun4 安心on1 sam1 不安bat1 on1 治安zi6 on1 保安bou2 on1 安靜on1 zing6 秩序dit6 zeoi6 報警bou3 ging2 防止fong4 zi2 意外ji3 ngoi6 事故si6 gu3 風險fung1 him2 發生faat3 sang1 保護bou2 wu6 生命sang1 ming6 求救kau4 gau3 求助kau4 zo6 防火fong4 fo2 消防siu1 haan4 規則kwai1 zak1 保障bou2 zoeng3 入侵jap6 cam1 犯罪faan6 zeoi6 破壞po3 waai6 火災fo2 zoi1 水浸seoi2 zam3 保證bou2 zing3 保管bou2 gun2 工具gung1 geoi6 出口ceot1 hau2 更新gang1 san1 密碼mat6 maa5 傷害soeng1 hoi6 山泥傾瀉saan1 nai4 king1 se3 確保kok3 bou2 系統hai6 tung2 緊急gan2 gap1 防禦fong4 jyu6 規格kwai1 gaak3 措施cou3 si1 管理gun2 lei5 保險bou2 him2 地震dei6 zan3 留神lau4 san4 注意zyu3 ji3 危險ngai4 him2 應急jing3 gap1 防守fong4 sau2 海防hoi2 fong4 提防tai4 fong4 防衞fong4 wai6 海嘯hoi2 siu3